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Your Dog To Listen and Come Racing...
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Here’s what’s included…

Get the Digital Version AND the DVD version of my incredibly popular dog whistle training masterclass and learn how to..

Create a golden connection between your whistle and your dog "coming" to you without fail

Perfect your whistle training techniques quickly and easily (anyone can do it!)

Train more than ONE dog to "come" to your whistle command immediately

Call your dog or puppy away from ANY tricky situation whenever you need to

Replace the whistle with your OWN voice again once the time is right

Regular Price: $66 Today’s Price $33!
Regular Price: $66  Today’s Price $33!
Regular Price: $66
  Today’s Price $33!
PLUS you get a FREE Whistle + Lanyard

Start your whistle training journey with a FREE Dog Training Whistle AND Lanyard (the same one I use with my dogs!)…

Whistle features:

Easy To Use: anyone can use the whistle, in any environment

Save Your Voice: with a range of up to 500m you can relax and enjoy your walks!

Durable: I've searched and found this great quality whistle that's going to last

Lightweight: it's not going to weigh your pocket down

Handy: the lanyard keeps the whistle out of the way, but is always there for emergencies

Ensure your whistle doesn’t get lost with a FREE official The Online Dog Trainer Lanyard

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Regular Price $66 Today’s Price $33
Regular Price $66
Today’s Price $33

The Benefits of Whistle Training

With so many training tools available to dog owners, you may find yourself asking, “why use a whistle?” Here are a few reasons we think it’s a fantastic tool every dog owner should know how to use…

Whistle training is an affordable tool for everyone, as a whistle only costs a few dollars and often lasts a lifetime.

A whistle provides a way for you to communicate with your dog in long-range scenarios over distances the human voice can’t travel.

A whistle is a safe, kind, and gentle tool that won’t cause harm to your pup.

A whistle isn’t disruptive to wildlife or people when outside.

Using a whistle to train your pup is downright fun!

What’s Inside Doggy Dan’s
Whistle Training Masterclass

Say “yes” to grabbing Doggy Dan’s whistle training masterclass for only
$33 (that’s 50% OFF!)
and you’ll get access to the following 10 training videos…
  • Video #1: The Theory Of The Dog Training Whistle
  • Video #2: Getting Started With Your Whistle
  • Video #3: Stage 1: On The Leash
  • Video #4: Stage 2: Using A Longer Line
  • Video #5: Stage 3: Off The Leash (part 1)
  • Video #6: Stage 3: Off The Leash (part 2)
  • Video #7: Returning To The Voice Command
  • Video #8: Fading Out The Food
  • Video #9: Working With More Than One Dog
  • Video #8: Training The Long Distance Recall
With this Training Videos you’ll know that you really do have your dog “under control” at all times!

Exclusive Bonus Whistle Training Content

As a thank-you for saying “yes!” to my Whistle Training Masterclass, I’ll also be sending you access to 3 exclusive whistle training videos.

"Whistle Training For Puppies"

The much asked-for addition that shows you how to train your puppy to respond to your whistle – it’s one thing to get your puppy to come SOME of the time, but it’s another thing to get them to come FIRST time, EVERY time.
(Worth $10) Yours for FREE

"How To Train The Emergency Recall"

Get your dog or puppy to immediately stop what they’re doing, even if they’re out of sight!
(Worth $10) Yours for FREE

"The 5 Most Common Whistle Mistakes"

The 5 most common mistakes people make with their whistle training and how to correct them.
(Worth $10) Yours for FREE

10 Video Whistle Training Masterclass, DVD Copy, Plus FREE Whistle and Lanyard

Normally $66 – Now Just $33 That’s 50% OFF!
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You’ve Got Nothing to Lose With Our 30-Day ‘Money-Bark’ Guarantee (see what we did there?)

Not sure if whistle training is the right technique for your pup? No worries. My “Whistle DVD Training” Comes With A 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Give the masterclass a try! If you want to cancel, I’ll refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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Limited time only!!


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