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Why Buying CBD Oil Treats in Bulk Is Beneficial!


$197.45 $143.49

The reason most people buy in bulk is to take advantage of the savings. And, when you compare the cost of our CBD oil treats in bulk to standard CBD oil supplements on the market, we can confidently say you’ll be saving a pretty penny when you say “yes” to this exclusive deal.

But that’s not the only benefit…

Many dogs who use CBD oil treats need to take multiple treats daily. Here’s a quick overview of our dosing chart which is similar to most other CBD oil treat products:

  • 10lbs (0-5kg): 1 treat daily
  • 10lbs-25lbs (5-12kg): 1-2 treats daily
  • 25-40lbs (12-18kg): 2-3 treats daily
  • 40lbs+ (18kg+): 3 treats daily

*Of course, ALWAYS talk to your vet about dosages first!*

Regular Price: $197.45 Today’s Price $143.49!
Regular Price: $197.45  Today’s Price $143.49!
Regular Price: $197.45 Today’s Price $143.49!

If you have a pup that needs to take these treats daily for pain management, health issues, or anxiety they add up FAST!

It’s easy to go through a jar in less than a month, which means having a few spares on hand is vital to giving your pup the relief he needs!

Knowing this, I encourage you to consider the bulk option to not only save money in the long run but also to make sure your pup is stocked up on treats that can help keep them calm and comfortable.

Act Fast: Grab this one-time exclusive offer before time runs out. This offer is not available elsewhere and will disappear once you exit the page!

Regular Price $197.45 Today’s Price 143.49
Regular Price $197.45 Today’s Price 143.49

A Quick Reminder On the Many Benefits of Using CBD Oil Treats…

Our customers commonly use our treats because they:

Assist in Dog Training:

The main reason most people inquire about my CBD Oil is because of its calming properties. While it is a great calming supplement and can be used as a training aid to help energetic pups relax and listen while training, the benefits extend much further.

Relieves Joint Pain:

Got an older dog or a pup who’s suffered from an injury? A daily dose of CBD Oil can help reduce inflammation and ease joint pain, helping dogs move around less painfully.

Reduces Anxiety/Stress:

CBD Oil interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors located in a dog’s central and peripheral nervous systems, which helps them maintain balance and settle down during situations that cause anxiety or stress.

Provides Relief from Digestive Upset:

CBD Oil has been proven to help prevent nausea and vomiting in pups who are struggling to eat or keep food down.

May Reduce Seizure Activity:

Many dogs who suffer with seizures are placed on a CBD Oil supplement. The interaction CBD Oil has with a dog’s central and peripheral nervous systems often lessens the number or severity of seizures a dog will experience each day.

Promotes Skin Health:

The anti-inflammatory properties found in CBD Oil have been proven to help dogs maintain healthy skin.

So what’s in it for YOU...?

When it comes to you adding Doggy Dan’s ‘Angel Oil’ Treats to your ‘Dog Calming Code™’ based training…I want you to clearly understand:

The 3 Most Important Benefits

#1: Fast-Track Your Dog Training:

CBD Oil provides an ‘extra’ way to help your anxious, over-reactive, or aggressive dog calm down and ‘switch off’ quicker and more consistently. Knowing this, you’ll enjoy saving time reaching your training goals more quickly, more consistently, and more effectively.

#2: Self Confidence:

CBD Oil is known to assist with a dog’s emotional, behavioral, and physical issues, including associated pain and inflammation. You will feel confident that what your dog is consuming is truly beneficial, helping balance and improve their health overall.

#3: Consistency:

Our CBD Oil is easy for your dog to digest and TWO times more absorbable than a standard tincture oil. You enjoy seeing consistent, effective results that destress your dog, leading to an easier relationship with the calm, happy ‘dog of your dreams.’

5 Jars Angel Oil CBD Treats

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You’ve Got Nothing to Lose With Our 30-Day ‘Money-Bark’ Guarantee (see what we did there?)

Not sure if angel oil CBD dog treats are the right for your pup? No worries. My “Angel Oil CBD Dog Treats” Comes With A 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Give the masterclass a try! If you want to cancel, I’ll refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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Limited time only!!


Limited time only!!


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